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WikiLeaks reports suggest that Aadhaar data is under the spies of CIA. On Thursday, WikiLeaks Claims that CIA is using tools developed by United States (US) Cross Match Technologies for cyber spying Aadhaar data. However, the reports were denied by the officials in India. Through the Twitter Account Wikileaks has stated about the CIA’s Spying on Indian’s Aadhar Data.

WikiLeaks is the non-profitable International organization that leaks secret documents, news leaks and classified media provided by unknown sources. WikiLeaks publishes secret documents of the project ExpressLane of CIA on Thursday. These documents show one of the cyber activities the CIA conducts against the liaison services which include National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Cross Match Technologies is a US-based company specialized in Biometric software that provides various biometric solutions to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI is mandated to provide 12 digit unique numbers called Aadhaar to all Indians.

Some officials from CIA, “The reports do not have any basis in fact. Aadhaar data is safely encrypted and is not accessible to any other agency”. They also added Cross Match is a global supplier of devices used for capturing biometric data. But the data collected cannot be transmitted to any company as vendors collect data in an encrypted that is transferred to Aadhaar services.

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WikiLeaks suggests that Office for Technical Services (OTS), a branch with in CIA uses ExpressLane, a tool devised by Cross Match Technologies for online spying. ExpressLane is installed and run with the cover of upgrading the biometric software by OTS agents that visit the Liaison sites. The officers overseeing this procedure will remain unsuspicious, as the data exfiltration disguises behind a Windows installation splash screen.

Linking to an article on Cross Match’s Indian operations with its partner Smart Identity Devices Pvt Ltd which has enrolled 1.2 million Indian citizens on the Aadhaar database, WikiLeaks tweeted on Friday.

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