Google has always made sure to provide the best possible service to all its users with constant updates and now it’s time to update Android Auto, which features a mirrored Android device to provide a better experience to its users. Android Auto features the assistant itself, which is powered by Google and to make sure that users are receiving better experience it surely was looking for an update. 

There were recent complaints about the Assistant feature in the Android Auto app that failed to support many features. One among them is sending and receiving calls and messages when connected in the auto mode to the car’s screen. Well, the Assistant app’s main purpose was to follow users’ commands, but unfortunately, the app from Google failed to recognize the inputs. This does not worry the Google users mainly because the company is still believed to maintain trust from its millions of users.

We have already seen Google updating and releasing new updates in the last few weeks from fixing the “internet connection is not stable” error in the Android auto app to many other small glitches that were reported by its worldwide users. The company is surely quick in handling the complaints and fixing it. 

Being more specific about its latest releases and updates, the versions that went live last month are as follows: 11.6.8, 11.6.9, 11.6.1 followed by the latest version 11.7.1, which was released in May. The company is surely working hard to maintain a constant trust with its customers. 

The company also suggested the customers to install the latest update, which will debug all the errors and help them experience the latest update with the correction of voice command error, which was the recent error faced by the Android Auto users. The update will debug all the errors and users can then experience an error-free environment with Google apps. 

The Assistant app on the Play Store will be updated with the current version, so the users can directly download the upgraded version from the Play Store for manual installation and download the Google app apk from the internet.  


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