This week, the tech giant Google seemed to have released the much-awaited Chrome 71. Unfortunately, even the latest update still lacks much assistance for the Dark Mode on the Mac OS version Mojave. Following this, Google swiftly replied that changes will come into effect in the first half of 2019.

As previously published on Reddit platform, a qualified Google developer submitted an updated code that implements the Dark Mode in Chromium browser, which is actually the open source web browser on which Chrome is based. Already, the updated code is being reviewed by the qualified team of Google and in the near future, it will be added to Chrome in its next update.

For the uninitiated, there are various versions of Chrome that is being used actively by the Google team to test their ability and slowly roll out the latest features online. The code changes are first implemented in Chromium and then it is tested in Canary to Chrome Dev to Chrome Beta and finally, it is tested in Chrome. The final version is released worldwide to all users in about six weeks.

Currently, the Dark Mode, which has been successfully implemented in Chromium browser, is still hidden from Chromium users behind the feature flags. Only experienced coders are able to decipher the logic, which is required to enter the Dark mode.

As of now, the Dark Mode directly implements a darker appearance to the Chrome interface, which is inclusive of the tabs, menus and dialogue boxes. Even the welcome page of Chromium has a black background when the appearance is enabled in the System Preferences.

As per one of the developers who is working on the Chromium project, slight changes will be applied to the browser. The developers are contemplating ways to differentiate the Dark Mode from the Incognito Mode, which is a private-browsing medium to browse sites (the sites accessed over here do not appear in recent searches or history).

The team is still speculating if the 72nd version of Chrome will have Dark Mode enabled in it or not. The latest version is slated to release in January 2019 and will be followed by another version release in the month of March.



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