Google Assistant doesn’t need any introduction here. Google has rolled out the new conversation feature in this AI- based voice assistant. This new feature will be functional on Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini. Presently, only US will enjoy his feature and soon it will be rolled out in other countries.  

The announcement of Continued Conversion feature has been first done at Google I/O 2018, an annual developers’ conference of Google. Well, after you enable this feature, the microphone of your device will reopen every time to listen up to the next question after every response. Obviously, now there is no need to say ‘Hey Google’ every time to ask follow-up question as it has been eliminated now. This simply means you will have a more natural conversation with your beloved Google Assistant.   

Google explained about this new feature stating that to activate the Assistant, you need to say ‘Hey Google’, ‘Ok Google’ or press the trigger. But now, after turning on the optional settings, for a long time, the Assistant will remain active and follow every question even without hearing the usual ‘Hey Google’ from you. And, in the end, when you want to stop the conversation, you can simply say ‘Stop’ or ‘Thank You’. Also, if it detects that there are no further questions as you are not saying anything, then it will get turned off automatically.

The Way to Enable the New Feature of ‘Continued Conversation’

It’s simple to activate this feature. Open Google Assistant App and go to ‘Settings’. Tap on ‘Preferences’. Now click on ‘Continued Conversation’ and hit the toggle. That’s it!

Google also launched the mobile operating system Android P at the conference. Android OS’ next version has got Machine Learning and AI, which are Google’s core strengths.