India’s largest private sector bank ICICI has launched ‘Eazypay’ mobile app. The app enables professionals, merchants, and retailers to accept cashless payments instantly on mobile phones.  The first of its kind ICICI Eazypay mobile app helps to get payments from customers through various digital modes.

ICICI Eazypay mobile app offers improved convenience of payment options to its customers. Customers can now pay through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), any credit or debit card or Internet banking. The app is currently available on Android operating systems now and will be rolled out on iOS platform soon.

The seller can raise an invoice in the ICICI Eazypay mobile app by just entering the amount and selecting the preferred mode of payment. But you need to have the buyer’s mobile number or Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for UPI-based payments.

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After getting a notification SMS, the buyer can enter his/her details to pay through debit or credit card, or net banking, or pockets. To make use of UPI payments, a buyer can pay either by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code or directly through their VPA.

“I believe that this application will have broader usage base as it allows merchants to collect any amount digitally without any hassles of a daily or monthly limit on collection. Additionally, it can be used by up to 30 employees of a merchant simultaneously to collect payment on their mobile phones,” says, Chanda Kochhar, chief executive and managing director, ICICI India.

The ICICI Eazypay mobile app enables transferring the collected money directly to the current account of the professionals and merchants.

ICICI Digital Village Campaign: Bank Plans to build 100 Digital Villages in 100 Days

Benefits of ICICI Eazypay mobile app to retailers or any other business entities:

  • Go cashless payments through multiple online modes – UPI, Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, Pockets Wallet
  • Option to collect at a later date or immediately.
  • Supports both over the counter transactions and remote transactions
  • Provides complete transaction log along with payment status for immediate notification & confirmation.
  • Unique ‘Sub-merchant creation’ option which allows your employees to collect payment on behalf of you.
  • Payments received through UPI & Pockets will be immediately credited to your linked ICICI Bank current account.

Benefits of ICICI Eazypay mobile app to customers:

  • Cashless payments through their preferred modes like Credit card, Debit card, UPI, Internet banking, Pockets Wallet
  • Alert about the bill amount via email and SMS as soon as you raise a bill on eazypay
  • Instant confirmation of payment on SMS and email
  • Can make payment from any bank account, card or mobile application

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How to Register?

  • Download eazypay application on your Android handset with mobile number registered with your ICICI Bank current account
  • Click on register to complete the Eazypay registration process in the application. Registration happens immediately, where you choose your default ICICI Bank current account and create an MPIN login & create Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for UPI.
  • No need of providing any physical documents to register. Register immediately and start a collection from customers.
  • Contact your ICICI relationship manager or nearest ICICI Bank branch for any further clarification or issues.

How Eazypay app works?

Login to Eazypay and raise an invoice by entering the amount and selecting preferred payment mode.

For receiving payment through UPI:

  • Option to raise invoice through QR code or by entering VPA of your customer
  • In the case of QR code, a dynamic QR is displayed on your handset, and your customer can scan the same from his mobile phone to see the bill and accept it to make the payment.
  • In the case of VPA, your customer receives an alert on his UPI application and accepts it to make the payment.

For receiving payment through credit card, debit card or internet banking:

  • Select cards/net banking option and raise bill by simply entering bill amount & your customer’s mobile no
  • Your customer receives an SMS with a link
  • Your customer can click on the link and make payment through any bank’s credit card, debit card or internet banking

For receiving payment through Pockets:

  • Select Pockets option and raise bill by simply entering bill amount & Pocket mobile no of your customer
  • Your customer receives an SMS with passcode
  • Ask that passcode and enter it in your eazypay application
  • Your customer’s Pockets wallet gets debited, and the amount gets credited in your linked ICICI Bank current account.

In all the above modes, you can immediately check transaction status (success, failure, pending) in the ‘transaction history section. Your customer also receives a success confirmation on SMS immediately.