Millions of people across the globe believe that the Jesus Christ rose from the dead three after the crucifixion which is on Good Friday. Easter Sunday is celebrated for the Jesus resurrection from the death. Many churches across the globe held special services on the day and give preaching about Christ. People decorate with eggs that are one of the famous items associated with Easter. And along with eggs the Easter bunnies, chocolate bunnies or candies are also the part of the day. On this page, we have furnished the colourful Easter Facebook Images and Easter Facebook Cover Images.

The most fun part of the day is Egg hunt. People, especially children involve in finding the hidden eggs more actively. Some local or small businesses promote themselves, and it is also conducted in some churches. Many groups of people organise the spring festival in the month of April. Biblically, the beginning of spring season is associated with the Jesus Christ crucifixion and also the resurrection. The crucifixion is observed as Good Friday and Resurrection is commemorates as Easter Sunday. Decorate your Facebook account with cool Happy Easter Timeline Images and also download Happy Easter fb pics.

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Easter Facebook Cover Images

Christians strongly believe the cross that Jesus was crucified on, and also the resurrection of Christ is the important symbols associated with Easter. The day includes other symbols like real eggs or the eggs manufactured with a range of materials like plastic, bunnies or hares, nests and lambs. However, Eggs, Rabbits or Hares represents the re-birth and return of fertility of nature. For those who are in search of Easter Sunday Facebook Cover Pictures and Easter Facebook Cover Images, you can get them from this page. Get the best collection of Easter FB Cover Pictures and Easter FB Cover Photos instead of searching in Google.

Happy Easter 2017: Easter Significance, Celebrations, Traditions and Customs

Easter FB Cover Pictures

Easter FB Cover Photos

Happy Easter fb pics

Happy Easter Timeline Images

Easter Sunday Facebook Cover Pictures

Easter Facebook Images

Easter FB Cover Pictures

Happy Easter fb pics


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