US-based IT Giant Cognizant might fire 6000 employees as a part of its annual appraisal. This year, the under-performers were raised to five percent which is high compared to earlier year. India’s third largest employer of IT professionals is now undergoing a harsh annual appraisal process. The company may terminate up to 10000 employees globally as per their low-performance rating.

Cognizant has 2.6 lakh employees globally of which 1,88,000 are from India. However, it is unknown at the moment that how many might be from India.

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“As part of our workforce management strategy, we conduct regular performance reviews to ensure we have the right employee skill sets necessary to meet client needs and achieve our business goals. This process results in changes, including some employees transitioning out of the company,” a Cognizant spokesperson said.

On an average, around 1 per cent of Cognizant employees usually leaves the company based on their performance reviews. Around 1 percent of the employees left the company in 2015, while 1-1.5 percent had chosen another job in 2014.

The figure has been raised to 2.5-5 percent which would terminate a serious number of employees this year. Automation in the industry triggered termination across various divisions in the company.

Interestingly, Cognizant management has played these terminations and says that it’s a normal thing to do for big firms. Cognizant claims ‘Bounce of percentage here and there’ as the reason for cutting down employees in such a huge number.

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“Businesses must realize that machine learning is primarily designed to help employees get better at what they do, and not as a tool to replace people,” says, Aan Chauhan, CTO at Cognizant.