On Tuesday, the military troops of both the countries began joint operation. It is for the first time wherein Russia invited China to its annual drills and offered the dignitaries of China valuable experiences in their country.

The drill will go on for another five days in Russia’s Far East side near to the Chinese border wherein both the counterparts will put across dedicated efforts to coordinate their weapon system and command structures, which are usually different for every country. If their bond goes stronger in coming times, chances are they can easily defeat the US military at times of crisis.

Both China and Russia had major fallout with USA in recent years and they enhanced their military relations with each other. Surprisingly, in the recent years, both the countries have enhanced their military equipment and modernized their structures.

An expert, on understanding the Russian-China military and political ties, Vasily Kashin said - “Their exercises with Russia give them access to much needed overseas experience, which is crucial if Beijing wants to build an internationally capable fighting force.” Kashin is currently working as a senior researcher at Moscow Higher Business School.

This is a great platform for all the military personnel in China to experience the exercises, which will ultimately give them insights into how their Russian counterparts plan important conflicts and take decision and also how they maintain and grow their logistics accordingly.

Although China and Russia have previously taken part in joint maneuvers, surprisingly this is the first time that China has been invited to actively participate in Moscow’s annual exercise, which is a great way to learn the tactics for handling major conflicts.

Although Beijing and Moscow had developed closer relations in the 1950s era, later they had major fallout and that led to wars and fights during 1969. Their relationship started improving slightly after 1991 and now their bond seems to be growing stronger than ever before.


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