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Is Bipasha Basu is Pregnant? This news is trending on social media from past many days. Few days back Bipasha have given a statement on motherhood, that both Karan Singh grover and herself love babies very much and she also said she would wait for two years before embracing motherhood. She also mentioned she would work until her delivery like Kareena kapoor.

After that statement rumours are spread out as she is pregnant. Recently Kareena kapoor and Saif Ali Khan has given birth to their little prince Taimur Ali Khan on December 20. Another couple Shahid kapoor and Meera got a beautiful child Misha. So many people thought Bipasha-Karan are in next place to give a birth to a star kid.

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Responding to that rumours, Bipasha has tweeted in this way “The constant guessing gaming is tiring on. I am a very straight forwarded person, so don’t believe any rumors until I announce”. In another tweet “she said becoming the mother is happy news, I will not hide such happy news from people, I will definitely share that news with you when it is true. Right now we are not expecting any baby.”

In Twitter, she confirmed the news that she is not pregnant. She told her fans to respond any rumours. Recently she had stuck up in a controversy regarding the fashion show. At the last moment she refused to walk on the stage even her all demands are fulfilled. Again with this pregnancy rumours, she became the centre of the news.