Morocco is trying to get hosting rights for Football World Cup 2026 and if it succeeds it will be African continent’s second ever World Cup. The African nation is going up against the joint might of the US along with Canada and Mexico.

If sources of multiple high-ranking football executives within FIFA are to be believed, then Morocco is not just threatening the US-led bid, but it is actually beating it. There were speculations that the US will feel the heat, but the support to the North American bid looks more divided than was predicted earlier.

A little over three months are left when the 211 member nations of pre-tournament FIFA Congress will vote on the hosting rights of 2026 World Cup. The US is not participating in the World Cup to be held in Russia this summer and the fans are eagerly waiting for the country to get the hosting rights for 2026.

The former president of U.S. Soccer, Sunil Gulati said, “We’ve never taken anything for granted in this process. We understand that in a competitive election — and that’s what this is — a lot of different things go into a decision.”

It was anticipated earlier that Morocco won’t be a match against the North American continent. It is just a small North African nation with a total population of 33 million. But now, it appears that this small nation will make the joint forces of United States, Canada, and Mexico sweat as it has garnered the support of South America and much of Asia along with the home continent. All these together account for 104. The four bidding nations cannot vote and the Guatemalan federation is facing a suspension and hence out of voting.