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Vitamin E Deficiency in Pregnant Women May Affect Learning Skills in Babies: Study

Here is a good tip to all the pregnant ladies to increase your babies learning skills. Every pregnant woman should be cautious while taking food & other supplements. Women who lack in Vitamin E deficiency may affect developing impairments to babies in the womb.

Research says that babies who lack in Vitamin E nourishment will bear with the risk of developing disabilities like metabolic problems and learning skills.

According to the studies, researchers have conducted a practical test on Zebrafish. The neurological development of zebrafish is similar to humans, so they choose to check on it. The fish with vitamin-E deficiency embryos have more malformation and increase the death capacity. When it’s time to fertilize the egg to become a swimming zebrafish, researchers noticed that there is a change in DNA methylation through out five days.

After all, at last, they fed the zebrafish with vitamin E supplements, but there is no use. However, zebrafish born with mentally impaired and afraid to learn swimming.
Maret Traber, Professor at Oregon State University in the US, said, “They managed to get through the critical period to get the brain formed, they were stupid and didn’t learn and didn’t respond right.”

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However, Traber concluded saying, it happened because the brains of these embryos lack in Choline and glucose and therefore the fish failed to improve learning skills.

“They had so much oxidative damage they essentially had a screwed-up metabolism. These outcomes suggest embryonic vitamin E deficiency in zebrafish causes permanent impairments that are not resolved via following dietary vitamin E supplementation,” Traber said.

These problems are mostly seen in children whose parents avoided high-fat foods and food contain oils, seed, and nuts during pregnancy. Pregnant women should take high vitamin D deficiency food since it is necessary for embryonic development.

Not only pregnant women every woman should take foods which contain more vitamin E. some of the foods which help in increasing nutrient level are broccoli, Hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and almonds. These are rich antioxidants rich in vitamin E. A quick remedy to get vitamin E is taking one cup of Almonds every day

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