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Stay Away From Student of the Year 2: Says the Audience

As soon as the movie released across the theatres in India, the movie buffs didn’t waste their time to watch the movie already. However, after watching the movie they were pretty much disappointed. They quickly summarised SOTY 2 as the badly made mixture of Karan Johar’s SOTY and Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar ( directed by Mansoor Khan). The acting performances were not at all clean. Undoubtedly, the actors looked great, but their performances were extremely weak and not at all up to the mark.

The movie primarily revolves around the trophy which is offered to the student who is awarded the Student of the year title. Surprisingly, in this movie, the students are not pressurised to perform well in academics and all they need to do is perform flawlessly in sports events like sprint & kabbadi.

Rohan Sachdev aka Tiger Shroff who is a fierce kabbadi champion shifts from his previous college to woo his all-time sweetheart Mridul Chawla aka Tara Sutaria and joins St Teresa College. However, Mridula transforms herself and now is popularly known as Mia. He enter’s into a small tiff with Shreya (Ananya Panday) who has sworn to trouble him to the fullest.

Both the girls have done a great job in doing the dance numbers but they failed to impress the audience with their dancing skills.

All in all, if you are a diehard fan of Tiger Shroff, don’t waste your time in watching the movie is what the audience have suggested.