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Labster Has Partnered with Google to Open Daydream Labs Inclined to VR

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) is a wonderful full-fledged studies offered to students who envision bright livelihood with factual and conceptual studies. Practicality overflows in STEM courses and through this, students are essentially connected to the world of reality and future. STEM students are commonly referred to as upcoming scientists, discoverers and inventors. Let us also know a bit about the problems faced by them.

It is very difficult for STEM students to get adequate time to complete their lab studies and experiments. The students who live away from the university’s labs hardly get access to the labs for completing their practical assignments. In fact, they have to face a lot of objectives. In an attempt to help such students and solve or minimize the adversities caused by the problem, Google entered the picture. Google has taken its first step towards the same by partnering with Labster.

The partnership is working towards producing 30 labs featuring Virtual Reality (VR). This will help STEM students to get longer access to the lab no matter which part of the globe they are in. The idea is live in Arizona State. The students, who are pursuing online BS degree in Biological Sciences, are getting to practically experience working in the labs using complete VR credentials. The degree contains 30 VR simulations pertaining to the subjects such as ecology, animal physiology and molecular biology.

The new update is being practiced in many other top universities like University of Texas at San Antonio, MIT, McMaster University, and more. Google said that the concept of VR enables students to do a lot of tasks, which cannot be prominently carried out using physical media in addition to supporting tasks like DNA sequencing, examining cells under microscope and more.

The students can see the results faster and clearer using VR. In this way, the study life of STEM students has been transformed. Technology has been a blessing to the world and it has been proved again by all that Google and Labster partnership has done today.