AirSelfie is the best and portable drone camera that selfies buffs want

AirSelfie is the world’s smallest portable camera that can fly for capturing selfies. Now selfies are not only captured with the selfie sticks, but also with the flying camera using the AirSelfie. This helps in capturing the aerial selfies directly from your smartphone.

Photographers with the smartphone like to capture the images with the different perspectives. So this may be the main thing that moved towards a new miniature camera drone which has been created by AirSelfie.

This AirSelfie is the smallest drone camera which is portable, and it is integrated into your smartphone casing. This can be easily detachable, and we can use it quickly when we want to capture the unique selfie.

Bored with routine Selfies? Take Flying selfies with Roam-e

Take the AirSelfie out of the case and launch using it by managing with your smartphone using the AirSelfie companion app. This app is available for both the Android and iOS smartphones.

You can watch the video showing the demonstration about this tiny drone camera. Currently, this is the Kickstarter project and it is available for the pledges starting from €179 with the shipping date expected to deliver during the March 2017.


Have you ever felt difficult to capture the group selfies with more than 20 people? How many times you hurt holding the selfie stick till you get the best picture? To overcome all these things, AirSelfie is arrived with the unique idea.

Capture the amazing selfies and group selfie with this AirSelfie having the micro-device HD camera. Just attach this AirSelfie with the phone cover which acts as the charger too. Whenever you need to capture the aerial picture or the video, just unchain it use it. You can be able to capture the images in a unique way. You will be able to build the unforgettable memories with the new perspective images you capture. AirSelfie can be controlled with the three different flight functions. Check out them

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Selfie mode: The easiest one to capture the selfie by moving the drone in two directional either forward or backwards.

Selfie Motion Control mode: You can control the AirSelfie in real time with the virtual joystick provided in the app.

Flying mode: The drone camera can be held horizontally, and it can replace the classic controller. Once the position is perfect, the drone will stay still and capture the best shot with the help of the hovering function.

To know more details about the AirSelfie, stay tuned to our website, and we are providing the official Kickstarter website link to find out more.

Bored with routine Selfies? Take Flying selfies with Roam-e

Are you feeling bored with the routine selfies taken with the selfie stick? What if you can take the flying selfie? Then you must have to see the “Roam-e” the 360-degree drone which helps in capturing the photos in a distinctive way. This is the product developed by the IoT group which is committed to creating the new technologies to change the world.

Introducing the Roam-e, the Flying selfie drone designed in Australia. The hand free selfie has arrived, and the best thing about Roam-e also uses the smart facial recognition technology. When the Roam-e is placed in the selfie mode, then it keeps the sight of your face, not the device. The way of taking the selfies you know is completely changed with the Roam-e.

Roam-e is designed with the frameless body, and the resolution of this camera is 5 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. Roam-e comes with the ARM Cortex M4 dedicated flight controller. It can be folded up to 85mm at its widest point.  Roam-e comes with the world’s first dual axis collapsible blades.

SELFIE DRONE’Hover Camera’ by Zero Zero Robotics

The flight time for this device is up to 20 minutes, and it supports the fast charging. To complete the full charge it takes just two hours time. The flight range contains four flight modes which include navigation, scout and pilot which can have the range of 25m and in the selfie mode the flight range is 3m.

Check out some cool features of the Roam-e

The built-in smart facing recognition technology recognizes your face and captures the perfect selfie. With the help of Roam-e, you can capture the uninterrupted panorama photos and the perfect and stunning 360-degree photos. You can stream the action in the live with the aid of the application. Live streaming can be done anytime from anywhere. Roam-e is comfortable to handy and light, and this is easy to carry. It can be taken to any occasion anytime, and this is very portable.

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Pre-order the Roam-e now at the official website. The price of the Roam-e is $399.00 USD.

SELFIE DRONE “Hover Camera” by Zero Zero Robotics

Hover Camera

Photography, a passion for people all generations. Over the years, many advanced cameras are developed. The Flying camera called Drone is such an invention which can click pictures on air. The more advancement in technology had waved path for a smarter device. Meng Qiu Wang & Tony Wang, who are doctorate students from Stanford University, had created a Smart Drone camera. It can be only used within a location, unlike the larger Drone cameras which are used for long distances.

It is a camera which can fly autonomously & take pictures and record videos. The smart device which is about the size of a notebook when folded typically looks like an external hard disc. It can follow a person and had unique features like face & body detection.


Zero Zero Robotics was founded by the Chinese Duo raised $25 million for their innovative invention by the Seed and Series A venture rounds, which includes investing companies like IDG, GSR Ventures, Zhen Fund, ZUIG.

Starting with 70 employees the robotics company had began its working on the project since 2014.The Hover comes up with two break resistant wings made up of carbon. Each arm consists of two propellers in a metal caging assisting it to fly. It comes up with a 13 MP camera at the front part to click pictures while on air and is capable of taking 4k videos.

Having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset powers it to compute the vision algorithms to follow people and avoid flying into objects. The smart drone also equipped with a ground-facing camera and a sensor for natural face detection. It is programmed with a bunch of best software for taking steady & clear pictures without shaking.

The company had used high algorithms for accompanying its unique design. It weighs only 0.53 pounds which are very less and due to its light weight doesn’t require any official government agency’s permission to fly. The software used enables to take the pictures with minimal human interaction.

An exclusive mobile app is built for using this smart flyable camera. Synchronising with the app, one would be able to set the position of the drone, choose the person to follow or take panorama shots. Even uploading & saving the video footage shot by the camera can be done using the mobile application.

The smart drone can be pushed and grabbed while in air. It can be carried in a box or a bag by folding its wings. It can be termed as personal selfie cameraman. It comes up with a lithium battery but the limitation is that it can stay in the air only for 8 minutes. When compared to the drone cameras like DJI Phantom 4 or 3DR Solo it is very limited but useful for personal use.

It will be very handful because of its pre-programmed features which make it easy for anyone to fly it, even if they don’t have experience piloting a traditional drone camera.

The final price is not decided yet but as per the manufacturers it would be costing less than $600.The hover camera is most likely to be available on the market from this summer.


- MQ Wang & Tony Zhang, Co-Founders of Zero Zero Robotics

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