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New Library Page for Your PS5 and PS4 Games Launched on Playstation Website

Sony has just released a library feature on its official website for PS4 and PS5 games. Now users can filter through their games on this page; currently this page shows PS4 and PS5 games.

It was reported last week that Sony will remove PS3, PS Vita, and PSP products from its latest online store. There will be a separate store for its new users, better and optimized solution for newbies.

This new library is part of a new and more optimized store dedicated for PS4 and PS5 games. It was already announced that Sony will keep this new web-based digital store exclusively for its latest platforms, legacy platforms like PS3, PS Vita and PSP will not be included in this new platform.

Sony is not closing PS3’s store or any other store. Users can access their purchased content through PS3 or PS Vita’s native store. Any content you’ve purchased for any of the legacy systems will remain in your library and will be available exactly as it was before.

The reason for this new change is PS5. Sony is doing its best to provide a unique and ‘one of its kind’ experience for new PS5 buyers and keep them connected to PS4 users.

The lack of new content on old platforms is one of the major reasons for this change. Sony doesn’t want irrelevant content on its new platform.This irrelevant content will add extra load to servers and these old gen consoles already have their own dedicated marketplace, which is optimized and running properly.

There will be tabs for Purchased, Played, Downloads, PS Plus, and PS Now which will allow a user to order your games based on the ones you’ve most recently played or claimed through subscription services.

This new web store is in its initial phase and it lacks some features like how many hours played and there is no wishlist option available yet, but it is the initial version. The new version and update will bring new features.

This new store is well-optimized and clean to provide unique experience and it is available on mobile also. Sony has something for everyone; now you can purchase new games and latest content through your smartphone. This new store is a signal that the old consoles are history now and they won’t be relevant for too long.

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