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New Details Confirm Microsoft’s Love for Android

With all the buzz created around Microsoft Surface Duo’s early launch, the company has been pushing the confirmation of their love towards Android.

With an impeccable two screen design that involves a hinge in between rather than a single foldable screen, Surface Duo is Microsoft’s one the most innovative hardware design that will incorporate Google’s Android operating system. It is said to have great performance and reliability.

Microsoft has been continuingly working on its apps for making it compatible with foldable two screen devices and no other mainstream Android device is doing so great with such intricate hardware design. The latest Microsoft listings clearly show they are still working on making compatible software.

Microsoft is looking for Senior Software Development Engineer to work on developing apps, which will be compatible with devices like Surface Duo. It says on the job listing that the hired employee will work on the preexisting team to create and build innovative software that will work great with dual screen devices like Surface Duo.

“Microsoft is also working on a “software roadmap” to follow Android ecosystem evolution and push new mobile innovations and technologies. In addition, the engineer is required to optimise the app experience across the stack and collaborate with other Android SW Engineering teams.”

We believe that the upcoming Surface Duo will at least see two generations of Android and hopefully we will be able to see some of its successors as the foldable screen genre is new and more and more companies are stepping in.

Microsoft has been developing a significant amount of Android-compatible software, which makes us guess that they are not going to slow down. Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Duo is not going to be mere concept. They ensure that they are going to roll it out in near future and the future of the device will be fruitful.