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10 Free Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools for Startups

Free Social Media Marketing Tools: With every passing day, the number of brands using social media platforms is rising. While the old ones are focusing on solidifying their presence on various digital channels, start-ups and small business houses are trying to put this cost-effective (compared with other marketing options) source of marketing to best of their use. However, it’s only when they get fully involved in the field they become aware of the cost and time that goes into – gaining potential customers, likes, fans and commute with clients.

Being a start-up spending a significant amount of money on social media marketing might be a bit inter-mediating idea. But, fortunately, even with a small budget a lot can be done and achieved.  There are a bunch of free digital marketing tools that’ll skip the need of hiring an expert (or be great for social media strategist) and will generate exceptional results for your work. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 must have FREE tools that’ll get your Social Media Marketing Tools

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Free Social Media Marketing Tools


Get free assessment and a grade for your company’s Facebook page.It goes without saying that Facebook is a great platform helping connect and engage customs. But many small-business and startups are not always seen keeping up with the continuous advancements of Facebook. This tool right here, will analyze your Facebook Page and suggest what all improvements are required.

SocialMention :

This tool allows you to have a look at what people are saying about you on social media.It’s not just about regular posting and engagement, but at the end of the day, it is also essential to know what people have to say about you and your offerings. One of the main reasons to use social media is to – understands and know your clients better. Social Mention, creates a listening station where you can check comments or context related to your field.

Canva :

One of the best Social media marketing tools that helps you to create stunning visuals for all social media channels. The way you display your products, brand, offers and thoughts matters. Canva is a free designing portal that lets you create presentable visuals/posts for every social media channel imaginable. It stocks hundreds of pre-designed templates that can be customized easily to choice


This SMM Tool enables you to schedule posts and manage all your social media accounts. Meet one of the most popular social media tool Hootsuite. It’s a handy tool that lets you schedule social media posts. So, no more time wasting in remembering and getting the post live now and then.


Best social media marketing tool that never miss a review and generate a response in no-timeAround 70% of the buyers trust reviews before making a decision. In such a market scenario it becomes important to stay on top of the review game. This tool lets you see all reviews in one place and sends you an email alert each time you receive a new one.


It helps you to trace people who might find your product useful. NeedTagger is a tool designed for Twitter and is very efficient in finding prospective clients who are discussing or inquiring about your service.

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Hashtagify.Me :

find the most suitable and trending hashtags suiting your post. It’s a hashtag world and using them correctly makes quite a difference. Sites like Hashtagify.me find the best hashtags to reach your audience. It’ll amplify your hashtag marketing strategy and provide you with in-depth analysis on the same.


It connects all your accounts at one place and use them efficiently to grow your business. Crowdfire is a great site that’ll study your needs, connect your social media channels and based on real-time analyses tell you what to post and when will be the best time engage with your audience.


Best tool for competitors analysis. It is always a good idea to study what your opponents are doing right and how you can advantage for the same. FanpageKarma analyses your competitors Facebook page, studies which post and what type of campaign are working in the field.


find out who show interest in you at third-party sites. To spread a word socially about your brand, links pointing to your page/website are left all over the World Wide Web. Bit.ly helps you track who all have clicked on those link and have shown interest in your offerings.

With this, we come to the end of our top 10 free social media marketing tools. If you have in mind some similar helpful portals that can enhance the visibility on social media and is free, then share it!

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