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Issue of Passport has been Time Consuming at Bengaluru

Many of us have to wait all day long to avail a new passport at Bengaluru. As it being a metropolitan city, population is more and you have to wait for so long to get a new passport.  So, people have started travelling to Hubbali to get new passport as waiting period is very less. There are 3 centres located in banglore. Namely Marathalli, Jalahalli, and Lalbagh. It seems that you have to wait for 30-40 days at present in Bengaluru’s PSK. The officials have taken things very serious as the waiting period has become very high and for those who are working it seems very difficult when it comes to time management.

They are nudging the applications to districts so that the load might decrease and the waiting period might reduce to 10 days. Now they have made things easier. You can as well book an appointment online and make the payment through neft or imps. The system itself schedules the appointment and you will receive the mail which includes the content with regards to appointment. In case if you want passport immediately, you can straight head towards office in Kormangala wherein you can find a special counter to apply for a passport considering the fact that you might have to leave the country early. The MEA is also working on addressing the issue of the long waiting period in Bengaluru. Soon, Lalbagh PSK will handle 50 more applications from the existing 1,500 per day, while Marathahalli will handle 25 more from the existing 575. Jalahalli PSK will handle about 80, double the existing number.