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A Hugely Popular File-Sharing Android App Also Has Giant, Terrible Security Flaws

You might have already heard about or might be using the well-known android file sharing app. The app is used by global population, allows a savvy hacker to steal user’s data or even hijack the app’s operations while using the arbitrary code.

A Singapore-based developer Smart Media4U developed an app for file sharing, ShareIt, which claims to have more than 1 billion global downloads. The main objective of this app is to share files peer to peer, which allows all the users the ability to exchange one’s photos, files, and videos with their family or friends. For over the last few years, the app has seen an upward trajectory and has now garnered recognition for its whole world reach.

According to a recent report, this app unfortunately has some software vulnerabilities and can easily leak a user’s data or rather execute arbitrary code by abusing the app ShareIt permissions.

A recent report has shown that one of the app’s chief vulnerabilities stems from how it shares all the information along with the permissions with all other apps. In fact, due to some other ways of inter-app communication, which basically occurs on such Android mobile phones, the platform has a history of so many bad actors attempting to exploit said communication pathways for such malicious purposes.

It’s quite uncommon that so many Americans actually use ShareIt. The industry outlets seem to show that a bulk of people that uses this app are located in Africa, Middle East and Asia. But let us tell you that it will be best to rethink once again if you have downloaded ShareIt and are using.

One more thing is that this is not the first time ShareIt has been flagged for a security risk.In January, the app was blacklisted by the U.S., when a vaguely worded executive order from the Trump White House listed it as one of the several “Chinese connected” applications and has been recommended that the Americans should stay away from where their data might end up all.