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Driving Digital Transformation: Reshape the Future of Your Business: Book Review

Digital transformation is very crucial now than ever before in this Industry 4.0 – an era wherein the lines between the biological, physical and digital worlds are getting  blurred – to develop the future of your organization in the age of constant disruption &innovation.

If you are looking for a single book for your entire journey, Driving Digital Transformation: Reshape the Future of Your Business is your perfect guide, especially if your business is in the initial phase of adopting the digital way.Raktim Singh, the renowned thought leader and author of this book, gives you the keys needed for executing a successful digital transformation.

Being privileged to have witnessed the digital transformation, Raktim analyzed the process of transformation in various organizations and discovered that failure in this process was not because of technology but rather due to a lack of clear objectives and a disciplined plan to achieve them. At the core, it is all about becoming more adaptive to the changes itself. You need to be the disruptor without you getting disrupted – be the next Netflix or Amazon. Raktim has used several case studies to show how organizations can undergo successful digital transformation. These examples keep the readers hooked and give them futuristic views on all digital aspects.

The way in which the author Raktim has explained,is a bold attempt in discussing about WISE problems (Why of your business, Integration with the external world, breaking the Silos, changing the Environment and culture), the key technologies for digital transformation (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Data) or the ACID formula, digital anthropology and the importance of change in mindset. He goes on to explain how an agile mindset and learning organization are the pre-requisites of the digital transformation journey.

All in all, it is a great attempt by Raktim at helping readers understand the difference between digital experience and digital transformation, why many businesses failed during the process of transformation, how to apply the ACID formula, and keep an eye on digital anthropology. Raktim has provided lot of examples so that the reader can understand each concept &get a handle, on how to apply these concepts in their day to day work.

At the end of the book, there’s an exclusive Q&A section, which answers the frequently asked questions by businesses.

Driving Digital Transformation: Reshape the Future of Your Business is a leadership book with a special focus on leading in today’s digital era. Overall, it makes for a good read with solid takeaways with a lot of examples to spur imagination. It is highly recommended to read this book if you have a digital agenda on your radar.