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5 secret beaches of Costa Brava you perhaps didn’t know about

Spain recently made to the second place as the most popular tourist destination and it has all the reasons to be the one. Located on the Mediterranean Sea and the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has everything that can fascinate a tourist. There are beaches that look a view taken from a painting, architecture that can be claimed the most amazing in the entire world, beautiful countryside and best amalgamation of the old and modern world. There is everything astounding about the country and there is something more astounding about Costa Brava. To get the best experience of your vacation at Costa Brava, get Costa Brava villas to rent that are available easily.

Costa Brava is located on the Catalonia region and is a perfect holiday destination. There are a lot of gorgeous beaches, medieval towns, stunning architectures, and much more. The region of Costa Brava houses many places together and one need to spend quite a time here to explore all these places or at least the best of them. People from all over the world visit Costa Brava in the hope of spending a great holiday. Though the place is still less developed and less popular, there are so much one can explore and learn too. However, being on the Mediterranean Costa Brava is filled with many beaches and many of them are still not best explored. Here, we will discuss 5 secret beaches of Costa Brava that very few people have visited and perhaps many don’t even know about.

Cala Estreta

Cala Estreta is one of those secret beaches that are absolutely spectacular. It is relatively in a remote area and located near a village of Palamos. It hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach there. As the beach is less explored, you will have to walk from the village and through the forest to reach the beach. Not only the destination will appeal to you, but your paths through many bays and coves will blow your senses too. The beach is divided by a huge rock formation named “The Red One.” After you have satisfied yourself staring at the blue water for a long time, do look out at the surrounding of the beach and you will see many unique rock formations like a shape of a sleeping Dragon which even has a name “Drac Adormit.”

Cala El Crit

The beach is located near Mont-ras and is one of the best secret beaches in the region of Costa Brava. One can visit this beach only on foot as there is no other way of transportation available. El Crit refers to “The Scream” and is basically a small cove with many huge rocks surrounding the beach. One reason that people may not find it amusing is its deadly historical legend which is associated with pirates and murders. The story goes like this, pirates made their way through the Mediterranean way back in 16th and 17th century and used the coves for refuge and stole from the villagers and also took them away as their slaves. The pirates also took along one of the daughters of the farmer who used to own a farmhouse near the beach. To save herself, the girl bit the finger of the pirate and out of rage, he killed her right there. After the incident, the beach got its name as “The Scream.”

Platja Fonda

The beach of Platja Fonda is located near a very small village Begur which is located in the Baix Emproda region. Though one of the most spectacular beaches in Costa Brava, it is still not that popular. Located in the foothill of the little ominous Begur Cave, one can only access it via walking on foot. If you really intend to explore this beach, make sure with your steps as it is really deep and the name itself suggest it when it gets translated into English. The turquoise water is extremely clear and you can literally watch through it. The beach is not white here but an amalgamation of silvery grey sand and stones. The beach is not developed at all and is purely a natural spot.

Sant Pol de Mar

The beach of Sant Pol de Mar is too beautiful to be kept as a secret. The beach has unique sand with perfect landscape and not deep water. One can enjoy a great time here when all other beaches in Costa Brava getting overcrowded. Though it is not developed or popular as a beach destination, there are many sports activities that one can enjoy kayaking, sailing, and water ski.

Platja Vallpresona

This beautiful beach of Platja Vallpresona is located in a remote area between the major towns of Sant Feliu de Guixols and Tossa de Mar. To reach there, one has to take a long drive and then set on the foot. The water is crystal clear and blue in colour and the beach has the mixture of both big and small rocks. One can also take a dive into the water and go for a swim.

These 5 beaches are just a few out of many secret beaches that are resting in Costa Brava. When all other beautiful beaches of Costa Brava is getting overcrowded, one can take out time and visit these amazing spectacular beaches that still enjoy their natural beauty and less human interactions.

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