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Apple’s Possible New Face ID Feature for Macs Revealed

Do you remember being incredulous when the facial recognition feature was first introduced for phones? But by now, we’ve all mostly settled into the amazing technological advances that are announced frequently. Technology being such an indispensable part of our lives these days, it is almost impossible to be surprised by all newer features that are increasingly making the world accessible and more interconnected.

Today, many models of iPhone, iPads are equipped with the touch recognition feature while newer models incorporate the advanced facial recognition too. But in Macs, there exists neither, you still have to use it the old way by typing in passcodes, or connect it via Apple watch. And in a few of the newer models, you can use your fingerprint to unlock the device.

But as discovered recently by9to5Mac, “We were able to find a new extension on macOS Big Sur beta 3 with codes intended to support PearlCamera. This are internal codenames used by Apple which were discovered during iPhone X leaks of 2017”

So, it is possible to see a Face ID feature in the Apple Mac quite soon. As per 9to5Mac, the code that was discovered in the Beta was found to reference to the TrueDepth Camera. This camera is found in all iPhones, or iPads that are compatible with the Face ID technology. But Macs currently do not possess it. But the recent development points towards biometric facial recognition. Additionally, the code even contains snippets that cite the terms like, FaceDetect or BioCapture.

You all must have experienced being frustrated while trying to log in to various websites whether to order food, or shop or something else. Each time you forget your password, you have to continue with a long process and patience is certainly not a virtue when your starving self is trying to order pizza from your favourite restaurant. So, this is not just about a Face ID feature; if this becomes a reality, then a lot of other things will also become much more hassle free and accessible.

For instance, when this feature is used together with an updated version of Safari, it will allow the user to log in to various websites with just face or touch ID, given that the website supports the format. This is indeed quite exciting for iPhone loyalists. No more trouble signing in if you forget your password, just as long as the computer doesn’t forget your face.

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