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AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones Launch Date Announced in India as Dec 15

Here’s some great news for the hardcore Apple fanatics: the all-new much-awaited AirPods Max over-ear headphones launch date is officially announced India as Dec 15, which were doing rounds on the Internet as the rumored  ‘AirPods Studio’.

They come in 5 vibrant colors viz Blue, Pink, Silver, Green & Grey, and you can check them out on Apple India’s official website.

AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones Price in India

Priced exorbitantly at Rs 59,900, the Airpods Max are definitely aimed at the classes, not the masses, and once again they carry a much higher price tag in India, as opposed to the global price point of $549, which doesn’t even translate to Rs 40,000.

Globally, the AirPods Max Pro wireless headphones are priced at $549, which works out to just under Rs. 40,500. 

AirPods Max Pro Features & Specs 

apple airpods max over-ear headphones

They come packed inside a special “smart” case with a flap-open cover, and USB-C cable charger, and claim to deliver high-fidelity audio and great noise-canceling experience, and fit a bigger range of head sizes.

They’re equipped with the H1 chip, and 40mm dynamic drivers, loaded with a total of 9 microphones, a single-button press Transparency mode, and Bluetooth v5 connectivity.

The AirPods Max boasts of sensing head movement and optimising sound real-time using gyroscope sensors & accelerometer. They’re also smart enough to detect when you remove them from your ears, thanks to the position and optical sensors.

Furthermore, they come loaded with adaptive EQ that helps optimise sound levels for enjoying a wide range of music genres.

The most impressive bit is that they deliver up to 1.5 hours of music time with a just 5 minutes charge, and up to a whopping 20 hours of usage time within one charge, which is something rare.

The Bottom-Line

Apple has definitely created another magical product claiming to provide breakthrough listening experience with Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio, and Transparency mode, but the pricing point is quite steep for Indian markets at Rs 59,990.

However, a lot of critics said the same about the iPod then the iPhone then Macbook Pro, and a lot of Apple devices, including the new iPhone 12 Pro, which doesn’t even come with a charger, and costs well over Rs 1.3 lakhs!

While Apple has just dropped a bomb with AirPods Max Over-Ear headphones launch date Announcement, we’re still awestruck with its pricing point for India, and whether it’d become yet another success story like the Airpods, who have been constantly creating history, only time can tell.

But, what we DO KNOW is that Apple would definitely ship out thousands (if not lakhs) of units of the brand-new AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones, starting Dec 15, 2023 as per their official press release.

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