Apple and Samsung are no doubt ruling the smartphone industry by integrating many smart technologies in their phones, but the Chinese are not far behind. Before other companies even start their planning, the Chinese are ready to launch their smart phones and deliver it to the world. Vivo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has already announced the launch of the first-ever fingerprint scanner that is built into the display of the smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is currently going on in Las Vegas till 12th Jan 2018. Today is the second day of the show and Vivo is already attracting a lot of customers by officially launching its in-display fingerprint scanner equipped phone.

When you set up a fingerprint on your mobile phone, you can unlock your phone, apps, authenticate payment methods and do pretty much anything that is required for password authentication. The new in-built display fingerprint scanner works just like the conventional fingerprint scanner, but the only difference is that it is built inside the display using Synaptics Optical Sensor.

Now the question that comes up is: how does it work and perform? When the user makes the phone screen active, a small icon appears on the screen instead of the home button. As soon as you press the icon on the screen, it has a Gestures function, which activates the Synaptics optical sensor with a cool tap animation to let you know that you have clicked and now can unlock the phone. The device can’t be unlocked until the screen is active. The only way to unlock the phone is to make the screen active and then click the home button icon for the sensor to activate and detect your fingerprint.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018 has a lot more to showcase this year. However, Vivo has showcased one of the highlights of the show by displaying its biggest innovation.