Washington DC: A shocking recent study stated that the unemployed individuals are 50% more vulnerable to death due to heart failures than diabetes patients.

The research tested more than 20000 heart failure patients and found that unemployed people are very much prone to die with heart diseases when compared with the working people. Unemployed persons are 50% at risk of death, and 12% are at risk of hospitalization due to heart failures. The research team compared the risks in patients with heart failures aged from 19 to 60 for 15 years(from 1997-2012) and found this. Out of 21,455 patients who got hospitalized for heart failures, 11,880(55%) are the part of this baseline. In 1005 days of research, only 16% of employed died whereas in unemployed 40% of them died. Also, a 42% of unemployed people are re-hospitalized with heart failures. The research study was presented at Heart Failure 2017 and also at 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failures.

On this note, the Author Dr.Rasmus Roerth from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark stated that people who are working for a job are likely to show wellbeing and performance status than the unemployed ones. Also, the unemployed people are more likely to suffer from depression, mental health problems and might develop suicidal tendencies. The patients without employment are at higher risks to get chronic heart problems.

However, this proved that the employment status of an individual shows an effect on their medical health.