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Have you ever heard that the number of supportive likes and comments on Facebook can reduce the exam stress? Yes, it is true, according to the latest research conducted by the University of Illinois in U.S.A., it is proved that those who get supportive comments and likes from Facebook friends for their posts will have less stress before exams.

Nearly 21 percent of the stress of students will get declined with the positive comments and likes from their friends on Facebook before exams. The research was conducted by the students and they have performed a seven-minute expressive writing exercise.

A graduate student Robert Deloatch at the University said the study proved that nearly 41 percent of students suffer from nervousness and anxiety before exams. This type of anxiety will happen because of physiological and emotional responses which appear while taking or preparing for a test. It leads to low grades in the test and poor memory in examinations.

It also revealed the anxiety is equal to the performance of students in the examinations. This kind of anxiety will mostly affect the computer science exams of students. During this study, the students were asked to solve the two programming problems by writing and running codes. The researchers have measures that their anxiety test levels through the Cognitive Test Anxiety scale. The students also filled two questionnaires, which helps to measure the anxiety levels of them.

The researchers also made the students indulge in the Facebook likes and comments engagement. The researchers found that the students who have received the supportive messages from their pals showed fewer anxiety levels and also best performance in examinations.


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