Trash Dove: How Purple Bird Took Over Internet

If you haven’t met a purple large-eyed pigeon bird with headbanging down in the Facebook comments. Meet the Trash Dove, a little cartoon purple bird that has started taking over comments section on the Facebook. It comes with a set of stickers made by the artist SydWeiler and Adobe Creative resident.

The Facebook Purple Bird has created into its own virtual stickers set which can be used same as like emojis. There are different Trash Dove images for every scenario and the bird cab be used on Facebook Messenger and also in the post comments. The collection of Trash Dove includes an office bird, crying bird and a pizza-carrying bird.

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Where did Trash Dove Come From?

To fully understand how the weird GIF cartoon of Facebook Purple Bird became the perfect response from the users for anything on page comments. The creator behind the designing the Trash Dove is Florida-based illustrator SydWeiler.

She first drew the back of the bird in the month of September 2016 and branched out the full set of stickers to create by January 2017. According to the creator, the each design of Trash Dove doesn’t have a specific meaning behind.

She wrote on her Facebook page in October 2016: “In case you didn’t know, I made some fantastically dumb iOS stickers, and you can spam your friends and family with them!”

The quirky Trash Dove grew popularity in the early February 2017 after it first appeared on the Thailand Facebook page with millions of followers. It first featured in a dance-off with a cartoon cat. After a week of launching it on the page, it had racked up 4million views.

Today the Trash Dove popularity continued to grow worldwide. The Internet is a massive playground for everything strange and unusual. Despite its fame, the Facebook Purple bird hijacked by the several users and used it to spam the comments section on FB posts.