Onam Festival

Happy Onam 2017: Onam, Malayalee’s one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated every year for ten days. Actual Onam Date in 2017 is said to be on 4th September. onam Festival celebration started from 25 August and will end on 4 September.

Onam, the festival of welcoming Onam King mahabali to their home is celebrated grandly by Kerala people. This is ten days long festival solemnized in a different style each day. The first day is called Atham and last day is called Thiruvonam.

Onam History and Significance:

The demon king Mahabali who is said to great devotee of Lord Vishnu won the fight against the gods. When gods requested Lord Vishnu for help as Mahabali was devoted to him, he couldn’t participate in the war. So he changes his identity and asks him to provide three wishes in which Mahabali has to leave to the netherworld. Impressed by his kind behavior and dedication towards God, Mahabali is allowed to visit the earth once every year. So the people of Kerala celebrate the visit of Mahabali grandly.

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How is Onam celebrated:

The celebration starts on the first day with early baths and wearing new clothes. They arrange a design with flowers called Pookalam. The design grows day by day by adding more number of flowers to it. They visit the legendary King Mahabali temple early in the morning.

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Following day people visit their relatives home and exchange gifts and wishes. They cook delicious food on the 4th day called Vishakam. It is an important day in the festive period. They cook at least 26 varieties of food and offer to poor. Each member of the family is supposed to contribute something to it.

onam boat race
Onam Snake Boat Race

On the fifth-day eye catching and fun filed Snake boat races take place. People of Kerala visit the sports and enjoy them with friends and family. Family gatherings take place in the following days. Meanwhile, ladies of the family and yellow flowers to the Pookalam and make it more complex in size according to Onam ritual.

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People dress up in tigers and perform dances in the happiness of festival arrival. Children are dresses up like King Bali and Rome on roads. On the eights day, the King Mahabali statue will be taken around in the home and placed in the middle of Pookalam. It is believed that it is the day when Mahabali visits their home and bless them for all the good will.

On the last day, Thiruvonam the elder member present new clothes to every member of the family and they celebrate the day by cooking food and offering gifts to each other. The celebrations end by having tasty food and spending valuable time with friends and family.

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