The famous basketball team Chicago Bulls were 3-20 a few weeks ago and were almost fleeing away. But against the 76s, the victory of Monday’s 117-115 has victoriously symbolized their sixth straight win. With 22 points, Nikola Mirotic and Kris Dunn, the point keeper led the Bulls team. In 13 rebounds, Mirotic has moved on and the season debut of Mirotic is the reason that the Bulls are continuously winning from December 8.

On Monday, seven Bulls earned around 10 points, with the inclusion of fantastic performance from Bobby Portis, who earned 12 points. With eight rebounds and 27 points, Dario Saric led the team. However, with nine assists and 11 rebounds, Ben Simmons, rookie point guard gloriously added 19 points.

In between, on Monday night, Kobe Bryant honored with Lakers by getting retirement from both his jerseys, No. 24 and No. 8. With the Lakers, Bryant has made All-Star games 18 times and has remained as NBA champion for five times.

To help lead Boston, for a wondrous win of 112-111 over the Pacers, Kyrie Irving, the Celtics point guard got 30 points on the shooting of 12-of-23. After completion of the first quarter, Celtics was ahead by 17 points.

To win Houston 120-99 with 20 rebounds on the 10-of-12 shooting, Clint Capela, the Rockets Center attained 24 points. The performance of the Rockets in this game is totally outstanding since 2008 and has won 22 straights till now. During this season, with Chris Paul, they are 15-0 in the lineup. With nine rebounds, Russell Westbrook has become the highest scorer this season and attained 38 scores. He played very well over Nuggets and gone ahead towards the ravishing win of 95-94.

Evan Turner, the Trail Blazers Guard, has not scored much. With two rebounds and six assists, he got just 5 points, which were not enough to make him win. In 108-107, it loosens to the Timberwolves. He took 37 minutes to complete his turn. However, Jimmy Butler, Minnesota shooting guard successfully attained 37 scores in the match.