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Instagram Testing New Features for Customizing Feed and Enhancing Creator Transparency


Instagram is currently exploring a feature that empowers users to tailor their feed content. Concurrently, the platform has launched a transparency tool aimed at creators.

The new “Interested” button on suggested posts lets users indicate their preference for similar content. This addition complements Instagram’s existing personalization features, such as the “Not Interested” option, allowing users to express their disinterest in certain types of content, thereby preventing similar posts from appearing in their feeds.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has elucidated how content is prioritized on Instagram. Post and Reel rankings are determined by user activity, while Stories’ ranking is influenced by the regularity of user interaction.

Instagram is also trialing a transparency alert that informs creators when their Reel reach may be restricted due to a watermark. This feature is designed to help creators comprehend why non-followers may not see some of their Reels. Instagram did not elaborate on what types of watermarks are relevant; however, it’s plausible that they refer to TikTok content reposted as Reels.

In a recent blog entry, Mosseri broached the topic of shadowbanning - a practice in which a platform conceals user content without providing any explanation.

He asserted that Instagram’s foremost aim is to ensure creators can effectively reach their followers and flourish on the platform. Instagram doesn’t stifle content to coerce users into buying ads; instead, they focus on enhancing user engagement by spotlighting compelling content.

Mosseri admitted that concerns about shadowbanning underscore Instagram’s need to provide more assistance to users in understanding the status of their accounts. As a measure in this direction, Instagram broadened its Account Status hub last December to help businesses and creators better comprehend their content’s suitability for recommendation.

Mosseri stated that Instagram intends to incorporate more transparency features into the Account Status tool.



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