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The festival of colours or celebration of love, Holi 2017 is celebrated on 13th March this year. As it is near many people across the country, involve in preparing for the festival. Holi is the day where a large group of people gather at one place and have a gala time with friends and family members. While it is the great time of spending with each other one should also have to look after their health and beauty. People have to follow the Holi Skincare tips to protect them from harmful, chemical and Toxic colours.

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Holi is the traditional festival which is played with natural colours made from herbs and flowers. Follow the Precautions for Holi before playing with colours. Nowadays the colours that are available in the market are completely filled with chemicals and those very harmful for the skin. People, who are in confusion of How to keep skin safe during Holi? Then check out the Holi Skincare tips furnished on this page.

The artificial dyes and chemicals mixed in the Holi colours after a period of time can make the skin dry and lead to rashes. Those who have sensitive skin will suffer more from skin allergies, injuries upon scratching and irritation which leads to skin diseases. The solution for how to protect skin from harmful colours on Holi is here. We have provided the Holi Skincare tips to protect your skin before playing Holi.

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Apply Coconut Oil and Mustard Oil or Cold Cream

To prevent skin from damaging, just apply coconut oil or mustard oil or cold cream before playing. The oils and cold cream have slipperiness which prevents the colours going deep into the skin. These will acts as an additional layer between skin and colour and stop from stickiness.

Sunscreen Lotion

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion after oiling your skin and use gel-based lotions. If you are more three hours in the sun remember to re-apply the lotion. Select the sunscreen those are waterproof and should contain SPF 25.

Wear Sunglasses

Eyes are the most sensitive part of the face, protect them by wearing Sunglasses. If in case, your eyes come in contact with colours immediately wash the eyes with cold water. The chemical content in the colours leads to irritation if falls in eyes. In case the irritation longs for more time then contact eye specialist.

Removing of colours

After playing with colours don’t start with the scrubbing of colours vigorously. Upon rubbing the skin more harshly, that leads to skin damage rather than removing the colour. Apply the moisturised soap with lukewarm salt water and also add a little amount of baby oil to it. A mixture of gram powder (besan) and milk also helps to remove stains.

Don’t stay in wet clothes for more time

Make sure that you don’t remain in the wet clothes for more time after playing Holi. To remove colour stains on clothes go for lemon. It acts as perfect bleaching agent with its citric levels. Apply curd and few drops of lemon mixture on the face which fades colour and works as a moisturizer.

Be Hydrated

This is most important tip among all the Holi Skincare tips. It is very important for you to stay hydrated. Drink more water to always keep your energy levels throughout the day. By drinking juices, glucose and water make you more active.