In Google Assistant, users can now use ‘Routines’. The point is that you are required to adjust your needs in ‘ready-made’ examples as still you can’t customize or create things as per your needs. But hold on. Now you might not face this problem again because Google has already hinted about customized Routines that will empower you to create your own.

In Beta, the latest Google app, a code has been discovered and a hint has been given to the users about its imminent assistance for custom Routines. After saying magic words, you can tell this Assistant what actions to perform and what commands are required to be used. Interestingly, you will get a command of ‘movie night’ that will automatically eclipse the lights of your room and warm the entire home.  

While using any other app, pinned sports scores will appear. Without finding significant info card or asking Assistant for the same, it will let you keep a tab on whenever an important match is going on. Moreover, the other code will assist in explaining how different gestures will work for Pixel Buds. Amidst these gestures, one can use triple tap commands for manual control and one can use double tap commands to do something along with checking notifications. By removing the earpiece from the right side, you can easily turn off Pixel Buds if you want.

In pre-release software, it has not been guaranteed that any new update is forthcoming. There is also no announcement regarding such feature. It may take a lot of time or even few months for an update in beta. All these updates are quite practical.