Facebook is always ahead with developing and adding new features every month. As of now, they have come up with a 2-step authentication feature. Unlike Google authentication, Facebook authentication is little different. They have different options for 2-step authentication, which is normally not available on Google or any other platform and this 2-factor authentication by Facebook works in a different way and is a very smart feature.

This 2-step authentication is a security perk that will help you to add more privacy and protection to your Facebook account. So, if you set up this feature on your Facebook account, you will be asked to enter a special code each time you login into the system. And every time when someone tries to open your account you will get an alert message that someone is trying to access your account. So, in this way your account is 100% safe.

How to Turn on 2-Step Authentication Feature?

(1) Go to Security and Login Settings. By clicking on the top-right button, click on Settings, Security and Login.

(2) Scroll completely down and then you can see an option called Two-Factor Authentication and then click on Edit.

(3) Choose the authentication you want to add and apply.

(4) Click on Enable. Once you have applied all the options, turn on the feature and you are done.

These are the perks of 2- step authentication feature.

-Text Messages (SMS) Codes from your mobile phone

-You will receive security codes by code generator

-You can use one of your printed recovery codes

-Tap the security keys on a compatible device

-Approve login attempts from a device that Facebook recognizes

Most of you may have already seen this feature and started using it too. For those who haven’t used this feature yet, make sure you check it out.