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Google Maps Is Releasing an Exclusive Range of Personalization Options Today

Google Maps, a helping hand for a lot of people missing their way or new to a city, is now sound in news. As per information released a couple of days ago, Google Maps is planning to give an additional update for the present version. And here it is!

Personalization features would be out today. The update is all about creating a ‘to the point’ and ‘made for you’ experience. By resetting the explore tab, each user would be given an exclusive set of options for restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, pubs and more. All these options would be based on the user’s personal interests and choices.

Google blog officially unfolds the benefits that one can draw from these added features. The latest options let us learn every minute detail of the places where we stay or visit for a while.

The renovation done to the explore tab now highlights the button for restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. A few categories in the tab help you know about the various events taking place in the surroundings. Such newly introduced functionality brings in huge differences in the course of Google Maps.

‘Your match’ rating is one of the most alluring features. It is a special rating, which understands your personal decisions and gets generated based on the reviews you had given previously. If your location history is turned off, then the ratings given by ‘your match’ will help you decide if the particular place is the right one for you.

‘For you’ tab is yet another amazing tab, which keeps you updated about the changes happening to the area where you live in and the places that you visit frequently. It helps you learn about the current conditions of your hometowns as well. Press on the ‘follow’ button of the cities and localities, which you wish to learn about and enjoy the ‘For you’ feature.

The makeover is active on both Android and iOS systems, but presently, a few features such as ‘For you’ tab is confined to Android. Look at the all new updates on Google Maps to rediscover your area without moving away from your chair.