7th pay commission

7th Pay Commission Update: More than 18 months have been passed, and there is no confirmation from the government on minimum pay hike for central government employees under 7th Pay Commission. All the employees are frustrated and upset with the commission. The federations decided to take up the matter with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expecting that he would listen to them. Many central government employees and other trade unions have agreed to push for a minimum monthly salary not lower than Rs.21, 000/-

Here comes the question that meeting Modi will help them? It all depends on how serious the federations are about the problem and on the mood of the government. Strikes alone will not solve the situation; federations must bargain the government about the 7th Pay Commission. Only the mood of the Prime Minister is a tiny ray of hope because if we look at the letter written by the Department of Expenditure, we are clear that all hopes of minimum pay hike are over.

 Government to hike minimum pay for Central Govt employees

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that he would consider the issues and would increase the pay to Rs.21, 000/- and the government also gave its indicators positively about the 7th Pay Commission in October. But at the end the government betrayed the Central Government employees leaving them no hope, no scope for the pay hike and only frustration remains.

The government is not going to set up anymore pay commissions in the future, and it is clear that 7th Pay Commission would be the final and last one. It would increase the pay on a yearly basis, considering inflation. However this is not final; the government will work on this aspect.

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