The word fitness is one such thing that has been trending everywhere these days. Fitness has turned to be one of the parts of today’s youth lifestyle. They are treating it more than a requirement. Youngsters have taken it as a way of life, and the recent survey also revealed that 60 percent of the today’s generation are spending more than 4 hours a week for fitness.

The study revealed that 9 out of 10 candidates are showing interest in fitness and thinking it is necessary. Above 80 percent were motivated to achieve this healthy lifestyle through fitness.

Reebok conducted this Fit India Survey. They went to top 8 cities and surveyed as many as 1500 men and women. They took opinions of 54 percent of men and 46 percent of women. All of them were aged between 20 to 35 years and been engaging in at least any of the fitness activity once in a week.

They mainly focused on how many hours these respondents are allowing time for fitness every week and their frequency of work out including the number of activities every individual is participating. They also researched about how the healthy and fit ones are thinking about and their feeling.

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Out of all, Pune has scored fit score of 7.65, which is the highest among all. It followed by Chandigarh with a score of 7.35. But unfortunately, cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru scored very less on this fitness score index.

They stated that India is one such country in the world, who are very passionate about fitness and the younger generation has started inculcating the healthy and fit lifestyle, unlike olden day. The average span of human life is 25,915 days, which is 71 years.

Senior Marketing Director of Reebok, Silvia Tallon stated that they are giving opportunities for the customers to adopt this healthy and fit lifestyle and also to believe the saying, ‘Fitness is life’. During the research, it also revealed that 56 percent of the respondents are participating at least in one marathon in every two years.

Besides gymming and other fitness activities, yoga is the next favorite for the youngsters. Nearly 70 percent of respondents are practicing it to reduce the stress and anxiety levels and also to control anger. Besides the conventional activities of fitness, most of the respondents are choosing some other activities like mixed martial arts, cross fit, kickboxing and combat training.