St. Patrick’s Day 2017 Significance

St.Patricks day, we celebrate this day as the reminiscence of St. Patrick. It is the official Christian feast day in the early 17th century, and it is observed by the Catholic Church.

St. Patrick is a bishop in Ireland. According to the history, he is a Roman Britain in the fourth century. He belongs to the priest family in the Christian religion. In his 16 years old he got kidnapped by Irish Raiders. There he was forced to become the slave for them. There he stayed 6 years as a shepherd and then he escaped to his own home. He observed that in Ireland they are following different religions.

He converted many people of Ireland to the Christianity. He drives the snake’s away from the country, here snake means evil. This is the reason behind why do we celebrate St.patricks day.

When coming to St.patricks day history and traditions on this day. Irish people, consider this day as the divinity of saint for converting pagans to Christians. They will conduct parades. Dublin hosts the grandest parades which are attended by the every citizen.

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Another specialty for this day is Chicago River will transform from murky green color to Irish green color. On this day in every restaurant and bar beer will be supplied in huge quantities. Green beer is the most famous drink for this event.

On this St.patricks day 2017 people will wear the customary dress like shamrocks and green coloured dresses. Shamrock means three-leaved plants to explain the holy trinity to the pagan Irish. So on occasion of that people are wearing green color dress on this day.

Not only in Ireland, it is also celebrated in many countries like great British, United States, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Asia.


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