EasilyDo Email app Rolled Out for Users on Android Platform

EasilyDo has launched its smart email assistant on Android platform after a year of its launch on iOS platform. ‘Email – Fast & Secure Mail’ is an email hub which provides a straightforward email experience for its users. EasilyDo Email app has an integrated artificial intelligence assistant to facilitate all mailing-related activities.

The smart assistant sends and receives emails on a daily basis and the AI-powered solution manages your archives. The app assistant will help your search by keywords, names, phrases, categories, and other information. Besides helping you to find emails, Email – Fast & Secure Mail also facilitate to get rid of other unwanted stuff.  A single tap within the app allows you to unsubscribe from junk mail.

Unlike other solutions in the market, EasilyDo Email app is capable of reverting sent emails. It can also be used as a travel hub for organizing information on hotels and flights. The app supports real-time alerts, a functionality which can track information for your shipments from the emails.

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This EasilyDo latest app also assists in responding to calendar events with a single tap. Above all, the Email app supports all popular email services like Gmail, Outlook Mail and manages online receipts. The latest mail Assistant app will be rolled out on Google Play Store in the next 24 hours. EasilyDo Email app is available for free, and there will be no in-app purchases. The company’s listing claims that the app is compatible with all devices over Android version 5.0 Lollipop.

Highlights of EasilyDo Email app

  • The simpler, faster and smarter way to manage mail.
  • Built-in smart assistant.
  • Message grouping in notifications, quick reply from notifications, and access to launcher shortcuts for searching all inboxes or drafting a new message.
  • Reply with voice and receive notifications through Email.
  • Gmail users can enjoy added functionality while using Email.