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Google Fiber business Launches in Nashville

google fiber

Google Fiber spreads its services to Nashville after its announcement before 15 months, spreading Fiber-Internet.

The plan starts for $50 around. Nashville provides with a speed of one GB per second which is 100 times faster than the regular internet where Americans also have. There are more than three thousand miles of Fiber supply still in process.

A famous professional health expert, Dave Gilbert stated that this Speed will help to track and enhance health Technology.

Gilbert explained, “It’s exciting to be in Nashville right now for many reasons, the startup community is a huge part of that and to see us get the attention from Google to be one of the first fiber cities and to come in and to make it possible for startups’ and businesses. The other firms and residents to have this kind of service is fantastic.”

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How much will Google Fiber cost?

  • For 100Mbps/Sec: $50/ month
  • For 1000 Mbps/Sec: $70/ month
  • For 1000Mbps/Sec plus TV: $130 a month (DVR, 150+ channels)
  • All the above plans are with free Installation

About Google Fiber starts their service to contributing Super-fast Internet that up to 1000 Megabits per second. Fiber is 100X faster than your current ISP.

A TV like no other offers you more than 150 channels, movies on demand, etc., all you need to do is the Smart search to tune to your favourite program and Crystal clear HD TV, Cutting Edge DVR, and a better way to control you TV.

Now You can Find Best Time for Meeting Using Google Calendar new feature

Google offers Fiber Phone with affordable ranging starts from $10/ month and Visual Voicemail.

Google Fiber offers one TB of cloud storage where you can backup and access your files from anywhere in the World and thus providing to connect to a Powerful Wi – Fi router with latest standards (802.11a/ b/ g/ n/ a).

Fiber Cities

The potential fiber cities are Chicago, Irvine, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Louisville, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Jose, and Tampa.

The upcoming fiber cities are Charlotte, Huntsville, Raleigh-Durham, Salk Lake City, San Antonio, and San Francisco.

The Current Fiber cities are Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City (MO), Kansas City (KS), Nashville, and Provo.

Source:  fiber.google.com/cities/nashville

Google.com is partially dangerous Warns Google Transparency Report

Google.com is partially dangerous Warns Google Transparency Report

'Google.com' Is 'Partially Dangerous'

Have you ever thought Google.com website is dangerous? According to the analysis taken at Google Transparency Report, it showed that google.com is partially dangerous. Though these reports are bothersome, does this troublesome? We will provide you complete details about the report elaborately.

Google Transparency Report provides the website status of any site across the internet. Google’s safe browsing technology inspects billions of URLs every day. This helps in looking after the unsafe site which causes the problems in the cyber world. After this update, it is a warning to everyone that web browsing is not so safe, even Google is having the issues. Also Several other major sites like”tumblr.com” sharing site “github.com.”  listed as “partially dangerous” by Safe Browsing at the moment.

Similarly, when google.com is searched for the report, to our surprise the current website status is showing partially dangerous. Behind this result, the bottom line is provided in the site safe details. Some of the pages on this website install malware on visitor’s computer. They cyber-attackers might lead you to download the malware software and steal your personal information. So the netizens have to be aware of these circumstances and be on the safe side.

specific reasons why Google.com is partially dangerous:

Google.com is partially dangerous

This report is suggesting some useful information for the users. They provided Safety tips for protecting yourself from the cyber-attacks, to know more about the safety tips check the information given at Google Safety Center. (www.google.com/safetycenter/)