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YouTube adds a new feature which let creators and viewers new ways to interact with each other and the video they watch. Live Streaming becomes the latest trend, and in the last year, it noticed that most-viewed political live streams of all time. The company rolls out new Mobile Live Streaming to every creator with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Google-owned YouTube launched the world’s first 360-degree live streaming support with full 4K video through YouTube Mobile App. The company began letting the people broadcast online videos using their mobiles to take on Facebook and Twitter in the live-streaming world.

YouTube App Allows You to Go Back or Forward in Videos Double Tapping

The new Mobile Live Streaming feature allows the users whose channels have more than 10,000 subscribers to broadcast the live videos. “It’s a launch that’ll put the strength of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of creators, giving them a more private and casual way to share their thoughts, lives and creativity,” said Macdonald and Wilms.

Mobile Live Streaming built directly into the YouTube Mobile App. In order to start live streaming, open YouTube hit the capture button and then you’re live. All the streamed videos will have same features just like regular YouTube videos.

YouTube added Super Chat feature which helps creators to earn revenue from live streaming. It is a tool that lets online video creators make money fans willing to pay to “stand out from the crowd” by highlighting their chat messages in bright colours. They can pin their messages on the top of conversion for creators to see.

Now Facebook is also Introducing Ads in Videos like YouTube

Super Chat provides the viewers with a chance to add little visual to their chats and gives the creators a better way to stay connected with their fans. They can connect with their fans while earning money on the side. “Super Chat is like paying for that front-row seat in the digital age,” Macdonald and Wilms said


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