Yeidhavan Movie Review

Yeidhavan is a latest Tamil movie starring Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan and Satna Titus in the lead roles under the direction of Sakthi Rajasekharan. This is an action crime drama film that focuses more on the issues related to education, crime, money laundering. Kalaiyarasan acted in Kabali in 2016. This hero has so many films lined up to get released in 2017 out of which Yeidhavan is the 4th one. He teamed up with a debutant director this time. This is the third film for the beautiful female lead Satna Titus. Here is our honest opinion about the movie:

Yeidhavan Movie Review

The whole story revolves around a man who fights against the crimes. Kalai(Kalaiyarasan) is just an ordinary guy who came from a traditional middle-class family and runs a currency counting machine business to make a living. Some serious problems arrive which disturbs his life so much. As said earlier, the film concentrates more about the politics of education, money, and crimes. The rest of the story depicts what the problems he faced are? How did he overcome them? What happened in the end? The love story between the leads etc.

Yeidhavan Movie Review:

Movie Name: Yeidhavan

Language: Tamil

Cast: Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus

Director: Sakthi Rajasekaran

Producer: S Sudharakan

Music: Paartav Bargo

Release Date: 12th May 2017

Run Time: 2 hours 13 minutes

Cast and Crew:

The leads did very well. Kalaiyarasan took all the movie and is on screen almost all the time. Satna Titus looked pretty in the film. Though this is just her third flick, she hasn’t don’t any mistakes. Along with the leads, Satheran also played a vital role as Gaurav in the movie. Vela Ramamoorthy, Rajkumar, Aadukalam Naren, Charles Vinoth, Valavan, Krishna Kumar, Sandra Amy, and Gautham are also a part of this film, and they all did their best.

Technical Team:

Though he is just a debutant, the director Sakthi Rajasekharan touched the sensitive topics like educational politics, corruption in Tamil Nadu. Production values by S. Sudhakaran are worth praising. Music composed by Paatav Bargo is not that catchy and seem to be dull. Background score is just average. Premkumar and I. J. Allen did their works well as Cameraman and Editor respectively. The story narration is slow but enjoyable and the movie executed very well. Even with a large number of casting, the story is not at all confusing.

Plus Points:

  • Story

Minus Points:

  • Music
  • Climax
  • Some action scenes


Though Yeidhavan has a good plot, it may not stand the competition because of its weak points. However the subject the movie story dealt with, and some interesting twists will make the audience binge watch the film. The movie could be more than just a thriller.


Yeidhavan is a good action thriller drama with an engaging plot.(2.5/5)

Audience  comments :

good story and action packed movie – loved it and i think its definitely worth watching in movie hall

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