Yahoos’ Conversational Travel Planner Mobile App

Yahoo today released a new conversational mobile app to plan your trips. The latest application Radar which is launched for iOS is available on the App store for free. This conversational travel planner app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now helps you in planning trips, has a smart chat bot which makes it easy to interact with. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence Radar provides you additional recommendations, reviews and activities of your planned trip.

Radar app in addition to Yahoo mail supports other email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Outlook. You can login to the app with any of your email accounts. Radar then scans your account and provides you all the information about the hotels, upcoming flights and rental cars confirmation receipts.

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Radar helps you to explore 16000 US cities with the recommendations included in the app like “sights to see” and “places to eat.” So, once you explore the major cities in US, you can filter the basic suggestions according to your preference through some conversational and pre-populated answers like “Adventurous” or “family friendly.”

As of now, Yahoos’ travel planner app uses data from third-party travel apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor. Conrad Wai, Yahoos Vice President of Product management said VB (Venture Beat) that the app uses additional sources from its search engine. And as it is the first version of the app, it only allows to do research – you can’t book flights or accommodations or make other reservations, or even deep-link into third-party apps. But over the time Radar will learn your preferences and will suggest you much better for the coming trips. Wai told VB, that the app is still in infancy and “Not every kink here is worked out.”

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With the mobile revolution in place things are happening on the go. Wai said. “Instead of planning more beforehand as in previous generations, you’re doing it on-demand now.”  According to Venture Beat, Wai believes the app’s simplicity could drive traction: “If I can combine some of the 50 tabs I have [when researching trip planning] on-the-go, it would be great. We’re trying to aggregate, distill, and combine information for the user across the web.”

Yahoo Radar is currently available for iOS devices and there is no plan for Android devices. And the app at present is designed only for the US cities.


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