XBOX One S is better than XBOX One

Microsoft at its E3 2016 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conference officially announced the Xbox One S soon after the event began.

The Microsoft’s XBOX one S is not the next gen to Xbox one; it is just a modified version of his earlier one with rectifying mistakes of the big one and making the version more advanced rather than taking it to next level.

In fact, Sony is getting ready to knock its PlayStation with VR on October 2016 at $399.  Let us see what XBOX One S makes the difference than to that of Xbox One. Here are the best-mentioned reasons or differences that make Xbox one S better than it’s original.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399


The all new Xbox one S, modification of Xbox one arrives in 40 percent smaller than the original one which is a full beast of a box and will also feature high-definition 4K video.


Xbox One S will start at a minimal price of just $299 in the United States, but won’t be coming till later this and also available in 500GB. In the meantime, later in August, you can get 2TB model launch edition for $399. 1TB model also is available for $349 in the US. The price of the existing Xbox One model already cut down to $279.

Compatibility and Support

The Xbox One S will support with 4K (3820 x 2160 pixel) resolution, and high dynamic range (HDR) as 4K support is only for videos not for games which mean only on compatible titles and with compatible TVs you can expect colors to be more vibrant.

The 4K Blu-ray compatibility and HDR support aren’t just for Netflix and Amazon streams, but the Xbox One S will also play those new and 4K Blu-ray discs too.

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IR Blaster

Built in Kinect feature was added to Xbox One S that can control your TV and cable box like a universal remote. Previously Microsoft dumped the Kinect motion sensor from Xbox One so that price lowered to $150.


The S model modification not only looks on with the console, as the controller is getting a refresh. The wireless controller has a textured grip and good at frequency range along with Bluetooth wireless additionally. The new Xbox wireless controller comes with custom variant colors.

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The Xbox One S is available for pre-order in US, UK, and Australia and will go on sale in August for $299 to $399.


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