Reliance Jio Commercial Launch

Reliance Telecom has once again grabbed the Nation’s attention with its launch of Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani announced the tariffs of Jio which proved to be the cheapest Data plans in the world.

Reliance Telecom has once again stood in front after 16 years of its launch in the Telecom industry in India. The same history is being repeated by the company with the introduction of Reliance Jio 4G services.

Leading telecom companies cut their tariffs in the price war with Jio 4G

At first, Reliance created a trend of providing the cheapest mobile phones with low tariffs in the entire country. And after an extended period, the same history is being repeated by offering the world’s cheapest data tariffs.

In the past, RIL has forced all the Indian Telecom operators to make all the incoming calls free. Now, the Voice calls are offered free along with Roaming free calls.

AMAZING: Jio Announced the World’s Cheapest Data Tariff Plan

There are few declarations by Mukesh Ambani which can be termed as landmarks in the Indian Telecom industry history. The term DATAgiri after Gandhigiri used by the Reliance Telecom’s AGM in his speech is a bit of hint about the trend that the company has decided to create.

The generation at present is purely a Database. Voice calls are free. In his speech, Mukesh has clearly given a call to the users to pay only for DATA services and not for the Voice services. It means that the company is providing the voice calls free for lifetime.

RIL Jio to Launch Network Tracker

4G services were launched at the cheapest rates when compared to its competitor carriers in India such as Bharati’s AirTel, Idea and Vodafone. The 45 minutes speech by Reliance Telecom boss has impacted a loss of Rs.12, 250 crores for its competitors.

Surprisingly, RIL shares too lost by 2.7 % as the investors couldn’t believe what they have heard. The confusion was however sustained only for few minutes.

After the entire speech, the users and the investors recovered from the shock that was given by RIL boss and the Share prices have started to incline.

The Central Government’s Digital India concept and the Smart Cities concept seem to be easy in achieving with the announcement of the Reliance Jio offers yesterday.