World University Rankings 2018

World University Rankings 2018: Times Higher Education rankings 2018 announced its final reports of top 1000 universities over 77 counties. IITs always stood in a band of 200, but this time the IITs along with IIScs slide down in number. In the current report, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) dropped down from 201-250 band to 251-300 band. Apart from that Indian universities showed a good performance in research Income and quality fields.

Educational institutes in India, Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Kanpur, and Madras showed up in 501–600 band from last year’s 401-500 rankings. Times Higher Education (THE) feels that the slide down of number was due to “drops in its research influence score and research income,” and most of the institutes “performed poorly on the internationalization pillar.”

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China Institutes have shown a great improvement and grabbed higher positions in the ranking. The change has been observed by yearly growth in rank. Peking University ranked up to 27 from last year’s 29 and Tsinghua to 30 from 35. Many international students also reduced to come to India which is a good move by Indian government policies. International scholars were also not hired for long term faculty positions.

Speaking about the China institutes Phil Baty, editorial director, Global Rankings, said “China, Hong Kong, and Singapore all invest very heavily in their university systems. This year, almost all schools in the three regions improved their standing in the ranking, signaling that their commitment to investment has bolstered results year-on-year.”

“Positive report in that India’s overall research income and research quality has risen this year, and the country’s world class academy plan shows that it recognizes the importance of investing in higher education,” Baty said being disappointed with Indian Institutes.

“If India continues to increase its research income then this will pay dividends for the nation in future editions of the ranking,” he added. The institutes showed progress in Research income and quality in scholars output.

US universities always dominated the ranks. Oxford stood in first position and Cambridge’s raised its ranking to the second position while California Institute of Technology, which was number one between 2012 and 2016, now it resulted in third number position with Stanford.

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