world photography day 2017

World photography Day 2017

World photography Day 2017 is celebrated on August 19th to inspire positive impact in our communities by bringing millions of photographers together. Pick up Camera shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and family star in it. A photograph is a way to feel the emotion and context of that exact moment. So let’s celebrate that, on the pictures taken on Photography Day.

Life brings out the best and the worst in us. And all that comes out through memories. So Photography is the best way to capture these emotions. Once our emotions are captured by photography, they will become best memories. To be frank, some of our best memories are from photographs.

Can you imagine the world without a camera, it’s impossible. Everything today is captured and showed visually. Now a day’s everyone is using the internet from small too big. Millions of stuff are seized by the camera and loaded on the web. So lets us not take this World Photography Day as granted.

World Photography Day History

Photography is a word derived from Greek words photos “Light” and graphene “to draw.” The term was first used by scientist Sir John F.W.Herschel in 1839. The history of photography is discovered by two critical principles. That is in the dark chamber some substance is visible by exposure to light. Nobody thought of these laws until Thomas Wedgwood made first reliably documentary on it. But he failed in success it.

The first photograph was made by Nicephore Niepce using a piece of silver chloride coating paper. But it did not work out the photo turned completely dark. As he knows there is now way to remove silver chloride from the paper. But he preserved the picture several days of exposure in camera and finally succeeded.

In mid 20th century, a development made it possible for amateurs to take pictures in natural color as well as black and white. Soon introducing of digital cameras in the 1990s soon revolutionized photography. From then photographs got better and better over the years. First with ‘still Camera’ next ‘Kodak’ later ‘35mm’, ‘TLR’s’  ‘SLR’s’ ‘DSLR’s’ so on .. cameras models its features got increased,

World Photography Day 2017 Theme

In 2017 world photography Day WMO is organizing photo competition. The theme is “Understanding clouds.” The aim is to produce a user-friendly digital based photo which is an authoritative, comprehensive and should up date both meteorological and cloud enthusiasts all over the world. Winners photo will feature in 2017 WMO calendar, website, Flickr, Instagram page and Facebook of WMO.

World Photography Day Facts

  • The first photography day was celebrated onAugust 19, 1839, when the French government bought the patent for the daguerreotype and released it “free to the world.”
  • The daguerreotype, invented in 1837, was the first practical photographic process.
  • The earliest known permanent photographic image, however, was created by a more complex process called heliography in 1826.
  • The exposure time needed to create that photograph was eight hours.
  • Thanks to digital cameras on mobile phones, more than 350 billion photos are now taken worldwide every year.
  • Around 250 billion photos had uploaded to Facebook.
  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a darkroom installed at Windsor Castle to indulge their passion for photography.
  • The first photo of the Moon was in 1851; the first photo of its dark side was in 1959.
  • The earliest known use of the word ‘photograph’ was in 1839 by the astronomer Sir John Herschel.
  • The earliest known use of the abbreviation ‘photo’ was by Queen Victoria in a letter in 1860.

World Photography Day Images:

World Photography Day 19th August 4

World Photography Day 19th August 2

World Photography Day 19th August 2

World Photography Day 19th August 2

World Photography Day 19th August 2


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