World Health Day

Nowadays people are not aware of health issues that are causing major damage to the lives. In this hurry and corporate lives, people are neglecting about their health. World Health Day is celebrated by the people every year on 7th April under the leadership of World Health Organisation (WHO). The day celebrated with a prescribed theme and World Health Day 2017 Theme announced as Depression: Let’s Talk.

The day was first celebrated worldwide in the year 1950, and various events were organised on the international, national and local levels by the WHO. World Health Day is an annual event being celebrated for years to raise awareness about the health issues. The World Health Day 2017 Theme on 7th April is Depression: Let’s Talk. According to the reports of WHO, around 322 million are living with depression across the globe, and the number is increased by 18% (between 2005 and 2015) to 20% (present).

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World Health Day 2017 Theme

One in 20 people are affected by depression and are more common among women with a rate of 5.1% than the men of 3.6 percent. India has highest suicide rate among the 10 South-East Asian countries where depression is one of the leading factors for the deaths. In South-East Asia region about 86 million people are affected by depression. Most of the deaths across the globe are caused mainly due to depression. World Health Organisation commenced the theme of the year based on depression.

Depression: Let’s Talk

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On World Health Day, WHO wants to create the awareness about depression among the people. Depression affects 4 to 5 percent of people globally, and it is not a rare disease it is everywhere nowadays. Depression has been increasing every year, and the rates have risen to 18-20 percent. The modern way of living and urbanisation are the major issues. Spread the awareness about health hazards on this World Health Day on 7th April 2017.


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