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Air India is planning to set up a new aviation university to meet increasing demand for aviation courses for the jobs of the pilot, cabin crew. The university is going to establish with an aim to provide various programs which can also include additional revenue stream for it in the long term.

The Indian Airlines Air India is working on the ways to increase the financial position and already started exploring various options for having a university,The airline officials said the idea is to have an institution that offers a range of aviation training programmes for pilots, engineering staff, cabin crew, operations.

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Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani said we want to create world Class University and make it heavy commercial and also approached the educational consultants India to look at the possibility to convert its Air India central training establishment in Hyderabad into deemed university.

EDCIL would be a studying the viability aspects, and it is expected to submit a report in 2 to 3 months.They also announced they are three A320 stimulators for pilot training and ATR 72-600 simulators would be inducted in September.

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The main objective of central training establishment is to train the pilots other than associated with Air India since past few years. CTE offers courses for pilots, flight dispatchers, commercial, cargo management, aviation security, ramp handling. In 2016-17 the estimated turn over the CTE of Rs 26 crores, thus significant a nearly of 74 crores compared to Rs 15 crores turn over in 2015-16.

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