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After releasing the 15-second training montage clip of Wonder Woman action, Warner Bros. releases the new Wonder Woman trailer that goes far depth from the training and explores her origin story.

The New Wonder Woman trailer opens with Disney tale of mother and daughter: Queen Hippolyta presenting the world to her young daughter, and then the teenage Diana being trained by General Antiope, and it shows that Diana seeks out her weapon training specifically against her mother’s wishes. The trailer shows that Diana discovers her powers when she sparring with other Amazonian warriors.

After she discovers her power, she then meets confidant Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and then he takes her off to the gray streets of London, where Diana combat with villains with Steve.

Actor Danny Huston plays the villain of Wonder Woman. The trailer shows the romantic chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). The shirtless Pine makes an impressive cameo. Gal Gadot’s new trailer shows wonder woman at her home in Themyscria and on the battlefield of World War I.

The first trailer of this movie was released back in last summer and the second trailer was revealed in November. Warner Bros. also released a new poster of Wonder Woman on Friday.

Wonder Woman was first introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but this movie will be the character’s first solo film which is in theatres June 2.