women irregular heartbeat chances high

“Women who are taller and bigger than other average women are at nearly three times high risk of atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat” proved the 30-year old study with 1.5 million women.

Atrial Fibrillation is a most common disorder which has a 20% lifetime risk and occurs in mostly women above 60 years having a higher risk of getting heart strokes and heart failures.In a span of 33.6 years, 7001 women were admitted to hospitals with atrial fibrillation and the average age as 49 years.

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“Bigger women are at higher risk of atrial fibrillation,” said Annika Rosengren, the professor at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Rosengren said that Women who are taller and have more body surface are three times more at risk of irregular heart rhythm. The syndrome vulnerability is inversely proportional the body surface area(BSA). BSA involves both the height and as well as weight and is calculated with a standard formula.

For this study, Women are divided into four groups based on their BSA. Women with lowest BSA, Women with high BSA 9cm taller, Women 28kg heavier and had a BMI high.

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This study was demonstrated at EuroPrevent 2017, the annual congress of European Association of Preventive Cardiology(EAPC) at Malaga, Spain from took place from April 6th- 8th.When compared to women in lowest BSA, the women in 2,3,4 categories had a 1.16, 1.55 and 2.61 times higher risk of atrial fibrillation respectively.

In that Rosenberg explained that Atrial Fibrillation is a result of obesity-related changes and Big people which mean people with big atrium are also vulnerable to this syndrome and have a high risk. She suggested that if one is very tall, then it would be a good idea not to accumulate excess weight. This applies to both Women and as well as Men.

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